At the Fogarty Institute for Innovation, we judge the success of our companies on four key components: the quality of the company, funding attainment, the number of patients that will potentially be treated and if the startup/innovator will have a long-term impact on healthcare. We are proud that our graduates have met all these standards prior to leaving the Institute.

Company Technology Patient Benefit
HeartFlow Created a non-invasive test that provides functional and anatomic data to aid physicians in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. The company eliminates approximately $1 million in invasive diagnostic procedures, reduces patient risk and saves $13 billion a year in healthcare costs. Eliminates ~1M invasive diagnostic procedures, reduces patient risk, and saves $13B/yr in healthcare costs.
CyberHeart True 3DTM is a software platform that allows medical professionals to visualize CT and MRI images as true three-dimensional objects in space. This allows clinicians to interact with organ and tissue images as if they were real physical objects, potentially improving procedure planning and surgical outcomes.

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Reinvented the way physicians treat severe venous disease in the legs. Their technology is the first catheter-based, non-implantable approach that allows physicians to create new vein valves for patients who are unable to efficiently pump blood out of their legs and back to their heart. Chronic venous insufficiency affects up to 24 percent of adults and results in painful ulcers that cost the U.S. healthcare system nearly $2 billion annually.

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Cure for ulcers and other painful, debilitating complications in the legs due to poor vein function.
PQ Bypass, Inc. Developed the first percutaneous approach to bypass the femoral artery with results that are comparable to traditional surgical bypass, but without the patient morbidity and hospital stay costs. There are nearly 500,000 surgical bypass procedures or lower leg amputations performed worldwide, annually.

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Eliminates 200K highly invasive vascular bypass surgeries per year.
Niveus Medical Developed a device that provides electrical muscle stimulation for patients to prevent muscle deterioration during extended care. The system maintains or increases range of motion of the knee joint, prevents or delays disuse atrophy in the quadriceps, provides muscle re-education of the quadriceps, relaxes muscle spasms and increases local blood circulation.

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Prevents muscle deterioration in extended-duration critical care patients.
Prescient Surgical Developing technology and products to reduce the incidence of surgical site infections (SSI). In high-risk abdominal surgeries, between 18 and 26 percent of patients will develop SSI. Infections add $3 to 10 billion to the cost of healthcare, with direct medical costs ranging from $11,000 to $34,000.

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Hospitals today are looking to reduce readmissions, improve patient satisfaction, and eliminate deadly infections. The Prescient technology initially targets a patient segment that has the highest risk of infection: patients undergoing abdominal surgery.
Vida Systems A 3D simulation company building educational tools for physician and professional training, undergraduates and patient education. Described as "Google Earth for the human body," the company has already developed strong partnerships, including with Pearson North America , which will launch Vida's software this fall in conjunction with their market-leading Anatomy & Physiology franchise.

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Better outcomes through education; broader patient and consumer access to health and wellness information.
nVision Developing two devices – the first will significantly advance the diagnosis of the leading cause of female infertility, fallopian tube blockage. The second device will allow gynecologists to collect cells from the fallopian tube to further explore a patient's symptoms, including early detection of ovarian cancer, which is perhaps the biggest unmet need in all of women's health.

The first is a device which will significantly advance the diagnosis of the leading cause of female infertility, fallopian tube blockage. The second device will allow gynecologists to collect cells from the fallopian tube to further explore a patient's symptoms.
InPress Technologies.

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Developed a simple device that is intended to quickly and effectively stop postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), the leading cause of maternal death globally, which takes the life of one woman every four minutes.

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By avoiding the use of pharmaceuticals, hysterectomy, or other invasive surgical procedures, InPress can dramatically reduce the cost of healthcare during childbirth and save women's lives.
Dr. Fogarty

"We strive to create an environment where we can cost effectively develop technology that directly benefits patients."

– Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, Founder, FII